Music Therapy and Coping With Stress Headaches

Anyone who suffers from stress headaches knows how difficult they can make your life. Stress is bad enough on it’s own, but add the pain of a stress headache to the mix and it becomes hard to function.

We’re happy to tell you that you can fight stress and there are many different ways that stress sufferers use that are very successful. The focus of this report is to give you some great ideas on how to get a handle on your stress headaches.

Using a hot and cold treatment for your stress headache is one of the best things you can do. You can get a lot of relief from your stress headaches by using hot and cold treatments the same way you would if you pulled a muscle. You can relax and reduce the pain of your stress headache by placing a hot compress on your forehead. You should also try the hot compress on the back of your neck, as this is another area where tension is often stored. Instead of using a towel, you can submerge yourself in hot water using a hot bath, or perhaps a sauna if you happen to have access to one. Headaches can also be remedied with cold.

Simply using an ice pack on your forehead, and your neck, can help with the pain too. All you have to do is try either one of these, or both, and see what works for you. You may want to consider acupuncture, which has been proven to be effective, if you are a victim of stress headaches. This is a healing method from Chinese medicine that many health experts today are recommending. There are many energy paths in the body, and the premise of acupuncture is that these paths get blocked, causing health issues. When the needle is inserted into specific areas of your body, it unblocks these paths, bringing relief. Those who have given acupuncture a try say it is actually very relaxing once they got past the idea of being stuck with needles. Are you reluctant to try acupuncture? Then give reflexology a try. It uses the same principles, but uses acupressure instead of needles. You can apply the pressure to certain areas of your feet or hands, or have a reflexology expert do it. There are charts available online to guide you in the correct areas that will correspond to different parts of your body. If the acupressure of reflexology is applied to the right areas, it can be very beneficial in eliminating your stress headache.

Are you disorganized and scattered in your personal life? This is a major cause of stress. Being disorganized is a leading cause of stress and, as a result, on top of all your other concerns, you may end up with a headache. Have a well-thought-out daily plan. The stress will start to leave your life the more detailed your schedule is. Even something as simple as decluttering your home, or even just your computer desktop, can cause you to suffer less stress. It’s also important to know how to prioritize, and focus on those activities that are most important. Try to get these done as early in the day as possible. Delegation is also an important part of organizing your life. If there are tasks you routinely perform that can be delegated to another person, then learn how to do this. Your stress headaches will become a thing of the past once you’ve got a handle on organizing your day in an orderly fashion.

We’ve taken a look at some of the main characteristics and treatments for stress headaches. Reducing the amount of stress in your life is always helpful, though there may be other causes of headaches as well as stress. If your headaches are severe or persistent you should seek medical advice. If stress is indeed the main problem, there are many effective ways to manage this and you should make this a priority.