Orianthi’s PRS Signature Series

Orianthi Panagras is an Australian musician, singer and song writer. She is famously known for performing with one of the greatest players of all time, Michel Jackson. Professionally she gets called as Orianthi, and she has also performed with various artists like Alice Cooper, A. R. Rahman, Steve Vai, Carlos Santana and Richie Sambora. Orianthi got listed as one of the best female electric guitar players in the Elle music. Orianthi’s debut album According to you became very famous in countries like Japan, Australia, and the United States. Orianthi also won the breakthrough guitarist of the year in 2010.

OrianthiOrianthi is an inspiration to many girls who love playing the electric guitar. She is a perfect example to show that all girls are not into Barbie dolls and princess. She has shown the world that music genre need not necessarily get split by gender.  The following are the things you will read in this article:

  • Orianthi’s early life and break through.
  • Solo Career and collaboration.
  • PRS Guitars.
  • Orianthi’s Signature PRS.

Orianthi’s early life and breakthrough:

Orianthi born in Adelaide, Australia started her interests in music at a very young age. She also has a Greek descent. She first started playing the piano then later started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of six. She also started writing songs at the age of 15 and began her career. Carlos Santana jammed with Orianthi, and this was a big start for her. Orianthi released her first album in the year 2005; the album was named Violet journey.

Orianthi’s big breakthrough was when she appeared as Carrie Underwood’s lead guitarist in the 51st annual Grammy awards. After her performance she got offers to play for Michael Jackson. Orianthi got blessed with the opportunity to play the solo of the famous song beat it. Michael Jackson loved her music so well and asked her to play for several of his songs.

Solo Career and collaboration:

As a solo artist, Orianthi released her debut album called Believe in the year 2009. Songs like according to you hit the charts in many parts of the world. She has many collaboration with many famous artists like Steve Vai, Alice Cooper and she also collaborated with A. R. Rahman to compose a Bollywood song called Sadda Haq.

PRS Guitars:

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a Guitar manufacturer who is known for producing high-quality electric guitars. They are popularly known for their custom shop instruments. There are many famous artists like John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and Orianthi who have signature series in PRS guitars.

Orianthi’s Signature PRS:

Orianthi designed her signature series of the guitar with the inspiration she got every day. The color of the guitar was her favorite nail polish color. The design on her fingerboard is from a pen. The guitar beautifully designed and the violet color gives it a royal look. The guitar also has an excellent tone, and the finish is perfect. Her signature logo printed in the guitar makes it more beautiful.